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PolyAluminium Chloride 10% Solution Conforms to Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 (REACH), Annex II Section 1: Identification of the substance and of the company/undertaking Section 2: Hazards Identification . Page 2of 9 Label elements Label according to …

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PAC applications. Water treatment - The poly aluminium chloride (PAC) is used for settling of solid particles present into drinkable waters and for the flocculation of civil and industrial effluents. It has also a high antibactericide effect, due to the presence of chlorine into the product formula, and can be utilized for large range of pH and with higher turbidity.

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Polyaluminium Chloride(PAC) is a high efficient water treatment agent for industry water, drinking water

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Poly aluminium chloride (PAC) is a new type high efficiency inorganic polymer coagulant, adopting advanced manufacturing technique and quality raw material, show the features of low impurity, high molecula weight, and superior coagulating effect. 【Products Types】 1. Poly aluminium Chloride …


Product Name: LIQUIPAC (POLYALUMINIUM CHLORIDE) Other name(s): Liquipac * Liquid PAC * Liquid polyaluminium chloride * PAC solution * Polyaluminium chloride solution * Liquipac 1210A Recommended Use of the Chemical and Restrictions on Use Flocculating agent for potable water and industrial water treatments.


Polyaluminium chloride 1327-41-9 H302 H315 H319 4. FIRST AID MEASURES For advice, contact a Poisons Information Centre (e.g. phone Australia 131 126; New Zealand 0800 764 766) or a doctor. Inhalation: Remove victim from area of exposure - avoid becoming a casualty. Remove contaminated clothing and loosen remaining clothing.

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Feb 20, 2019· It is used to treat very bad sweating. What do I need to tell my doctor BEFORE I take Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate? If you have an allergy to aluminum chloride hexahydrate or any other part of aluminum chloride hexahydrate.; If you are allergic to any drugs like this one, any other drugs, foods, or other substances.

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Polyaluminium chloride (PAC) is manufactured in both liquid and powder forms. The product is used in deodorants and antiperspirants, as a flocculant in water purification, in treatment of drinking / potable water, waste water treatment and paper sizing.

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Polyaluminium Chloride is an acidic solution. Classified as corrosive at higher concentrations, it is typically yellow in colour. It is miscible with water at all concentrations although dilute solutions hydrolyse to precipitate Aluminium Hydroxide (Al(OH)3).

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Alternate Name Aluminium Chloride Hydroxide Chemical Name Polyaluminium Chloride Chemical Family Inorganic salt Molecular Formula [Al2(OH)nC l6-n]m Molecular Weight 133.5 -174.5 Appearance Yellow to brown powder Odor Slight chlorine odor pH (1% aqueous solution) 3.5-5.0 Melting Point No Data Solubility (Water) Soluble

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Polyaluminum Chloride. Polyaluminum Chloride is well-suited as a primary coagulant in a wide variety of industrial and domestic wastewater treatment plans. Efficient and effective in coagulating particles at a wide range of pH, the chemical leaves no residual color and offers very good turbidity removal.


MATERIAL SAFETYDATA SHEET POLYALUMINIUM CHLORIDE SECTION 1 IDENTIFICATION Trade Marks and Synonyms (if any) Polyaluminium Chlorosulphate Chemical Names and Synonyms Polyaluminium Chloride Physical Form Colourless Liquid Molecular Form Al n(OH) mCl 3n-m Supplier Address: SPARCHEM, 159, ASHOKA SHOPPING CENTER L.T MARG MUMBAI 400 001


Polyaluminium Chloride Solution: CAS REG N° 4075-81-4: Description: Polyaluminium chloride is a derivative of basic aluminium chloride which can be represented by the general formula: Al m (OH) n (SO 4) k Cl3 m-n-2k It is a very active flocculant characterised by the formation of large, dense flocs which settle rapidly over a wide pH range.

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PolyAluminium Chloride (PAC) CAS No.: 1327-41-9 Molecular Formula: [Al2(OH)nCl6-n]m ; m,n 1-5, m≦10 Property: PAC is high-effective inorganic polymer coagulant. It is widely applied in water purification, wastewater treatment, precision cast, paper production, pharmaceutical industry and …

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Venfloc 2000, polyaluminium chloride solution is not listed on the TSCA inventory. It is for research and development use only. Health & Safety Reporting List None of the chemicals are on the Health & Safety Reporting List. Chemical Test Rules None of the chemicals in this product are under a Chemical Test Rule. Section 12b

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Main Parameters of Polyaluminium Chloride Al 2 O 3 During the spray drying process, the centrifugal machine can spay mother solution evenly in the drying tower, so we can obtain polyaluminium chloride with even, stable and qualified Al 2 O 3 content. Then the adsorption capability of the PAC powder is enhanced, resulting in good agglomeration ...

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PolyAluminium Chloride is the product of the batch reaction between solid Aluminium Hydroxide (AL(OH) 3) and liquid Hydrochloric acid (HCI). Aln(OH)mCl 3 n-m PAC 18 ( Poly Aluminium Chloride ) is based on highly charged aluminium which results in lower dosage and therefore reduces sludge volume and pH adjustment demand.

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Polyaluminum chloride (PAC) of the general formula Al n Cl (3n-m) (OH) m is useful as this compound have a wide range of pH value according to the subscripts n and m. The actual pH correlates to the formula m/(3n). It provides a choice for the exact pH value applications.

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Aug 20, 2004· Aluminum chlorohydrate is a group of specific aluminum salts having the general formula Al n Cl (3n-m) m.It is used in cosmetics as an antiperspirant and as a coagulant in water purification.. In water purification, this compound is preferred in some cases because of its high charge, which makes it more effective at destabilizing and removing suspended materials than other aluminum salts such ...

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MSDS - Poly Aluminum Chloride Page 4 of 4 16. MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION Disclaimer: The information and recommendations contained herein are, to t he best of Pon Pure Chemicals Group knowledge and belief, accurate and reliable as of the date issued. You can contact Pon Pure Chemicals Group to ensure that this document is

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A process for production of polyaluminium chloride solution, which process comprises mixing hydrogen chloride with, and bringing it to react with, under heating, aluminium hydroxide and a sulphate-containing press cake, whereby at least part of said reaction is carried out at overpressure, and that said part is heated to a temperature above the upper limit of the boiling range or the boiling ...

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We are the manufacturer for drinking water grade Polyaluminium Chloride Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 (Aluminium Chlorohydrate, ACH). Throughout these year, we been practicing good manufacturing practice to ensure our product comply to drinking water grade requirement, and …



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Poly Aluminium Chloride is an industry standard primary coagulant used for the treatment of drinking water, sewage and industrial effluents and is also a well established paper processing aid. Poly aluminium chloride (PAC) is an aluminium based coagulant.

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Polyaluminum Chloride Solution is clear to slightly hazy in appearance. It meets the AWWA standard ANSI/AWWA B408-03 and has been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for use in the treatment of drinking water at a maximum dosage of 250 mg/L.

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OSAM SPECIALITY CHEMICALS PVT. LTD. - Manufacturer & Supplier of Polyaluminium Chloride Solution, based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Inquire us for more product details.

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Polyaluminium chloride solutions are stable indefinitely when stored under benign conditions (sealed vessel, constant temperature). However, some users may experience product instability, which can arise from two potential problems: 1) The product is designed to break down on contact with water, to allow water treatment to occur.

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Polyaluminium Chloride solution according to DIN EN 883 The main fields of application are: • Industrial and municipal waste water treatment • Process water treatment • Sludge treatment • Fixing agent and flocculation aid st the stock preparation and wet end of paper manufacture

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MSDS | Material Safety Data Sheet |TelPAC Liquid Revised : Jan 2013 MSDS : PAC Liquid Review date : Dec 2016 Page : 1 of 4 IDENTIFICATION OF THE PRODUCT Product Name : Liquid (Polyaluminium Chloride) Other name : Liquid PAC, Liquid Polyaluminium Chloride, PAC solution, Polyaluminium Chloride solution

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DelPAC ® (Polyaluminum Chloride Solution). USALCO's Polyaluminum Chlorides (PACL) fall under the trade name DelPAC ®.. These coagulants have become the products of choice in well over 1,000 water treatment applications throughout the US (sold direct or through distributors).

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Airedale Chemical Polyaluminium Chloride is a pale yellowish liquid solution with a faint characteristic odour. Airedale Chemical manufacture PAC that effectively enhances flocculation and coagulation even at low temperatures and is suitable for a wide range of industry applications.


POLY ALUMINIUM CHLORIDE: We provide Poly Aluminium Chloride (PAC) in both Liquid and Powder Form. This product is used as a flocculent and coagulant in Water Purification, for Treatment of Drinking / potable water, Waste-Water treatment and in Paper Industry for Sizing process.